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Comfy Baby! Rain Cover / Wind Shield for Twin Limo Tandem 2 Canopy Double Strollers – Clear


Product Features

  • Fits 2 Caopy tandem Strollers
  • Protects your baby from rain, cold, wind, and belongings.
  • Perforated air vents for air circulation.
  • Wipes clean with damp cloth.
  • Heavy-duty Transparent Vinyl.
New Price: $24.99
Old Price: $22.99
(as of 02/22/2019 12:59 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Active families love being outdoors

The Comfy Baby Rain Cover / Wind Shield for Twin Limo Tandem Stroller won’t let moody weather ruin your fun.

When strolling through cooler weather, there is no need to worry about giving the youngsters a chill.

Comfy Baby Clear Waterproof Rain Cover/Wind Shield protects from cold weather, wind, and even rain. During the autumn season, weather can be unpredictable, but having this weather shield available fighting off Mother Nature is easy! When the grey clouds start rolling in, the rain cover protects both children from getting drizzled on with waterproof, transparent vinyl.

Not only will the Clear Waterproof Rain Cover/Wind Shield protect the little ones, but also the belongings around the stroller such as nappy bags, drinks and jackets.

Comfy Baby knows not only how to protect, but also keeps maintenance a breeze with just a simple wipe of a

The lightweight, vinyl material is easy to fold, carry and store away.

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